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Back to School Comfort for College Women

Back to School Comfort for College Women

Once again, it is time to enroll in classes and purchase textbooks and other necessary supplies for the new school year. While expectant mothers going back to school may anticipate some mental stress throughout the semester as they cram for exams and try to meet deadlines, it’s important to also remember that school is hard on your body. You’ll want to take extra measures to ensure your health and the health of your growing baby.

All of that extra sitting in class and walking across campus puts pressure on your circulatory system, which can compound already existing swelling from your pregnancy. In some cases, poor blood flow leads to long-term problems such as varicose and spider veins. According to BabyCenter, pregnant women are more susceptible to getting varicose veins if other family members have had them and can get worse with each successive pregnancy. Fortunately, you can use these strategies to reduce your chances of developing long-term health issues while pregnant and stay comfortable throughout the upcoming school year.

Wearing Compression Garments

Pain and swelling in your feet, formally called edema, occur when the blood flow from your legs to your heart is disrupted and fluids accumulate in the lower region of your body. Your blood volume and bodily fluids increase by 50% to ensure that your baby has excess fluid in case they need it. Compression garments apply pressure to your veins and body tissues to help restore proper blood flow from the legs back to the heart. To achieve the highest level of comfort, it is not only recommended that pregnant women wear compression garments, but that they choose a style that applies the right amount of pressure needed for their level of swelling. Compression socks and legwear come in graduated levels that allow you to reduce your uncomfortable symptoms without feeling constricted. For instance, you may need compression hosiery that provides light to moderate support if you only experience mild swelling at the end of the day.

Maximize Your Comfort

As you go prepare to go to class each day, there are some things that you can do to increase the effectiveness of your compression garments. Always put your compression tights and hosiery on first thing in the morning. This helps to keep the valves on your veins in the proper position for optimum blood circulation. You can also make a few minor changes to your daily habits to improve swelling and pain in your lower extremities. For instance, you should try elevating your legs when sitting for long periods of time and getting up to move around periodically to increase blood circulation. Low intensity routines such as stretching, yoga, and meditation can also improve circulation by bringing attention to how your body is functioning such as its breathing patterns and placing your head lower than your heart. 

Blend Comfort and Fashion

Just because you are wearing maternity clothes and going to school doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Women’s compression tights are found in a variety of shades that you can match to your favorite outfits, and no one can even tell that they are designed to provide the right amount of support to reduce swelling in your feet and legs. Walking into a classroom with the confidence that you look and feel your best puts you in the right mindset for success.

Going to college is the perfect excuse to do a little back-to-school shopping and adding to your wardrobe can be both fashionable and functional by helping alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy in a trendy way. While you may not be able to avoid long walks across the campus, you can take charge of your comfort so that you feel amazing even at the end of the school day.


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