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Compression Gear - An Emerging Fashion Trend

Compression gear is emerging as a fashionable and functional option for everyday wear. In the past, compression garments were used mainly by athletes. In recent times, compression gear has become a staple of casual wear that can be used outside of workouts. Here are a few of the most popular forms of compression attire that are both fashionable and functional.


One of the most fashionable forms of compression gear in women's fashion are leggings. Compression leggings are used for increased circulation and support. They come in colorful designs that can be worn in casual settings as well as workouts. Compression leggings are very comfortable since they are made out of much more flexible fabric than denim.


Compression socks have also emerged as a fashion forward form of utility wear. Many compression socks come in bright colors and patterns. Their interesting designs, combined with the added advantage of gradient compression can reduce swelling while adding flare to any outfit.


Compression shirts have also made their way into modern fashion. Form-fitting athletic attire allows the ability to show off physical characteristics. Compression shirts are made of a breathable and flexible material. Adding these shirts to modern athletic attire can be a perfect base for any workout ensemble. Compression sleeves offer graduated compression from the ankles to the calves and can encourage increased recovery from strenuous workouts. Knee high sleeves offer colorful statements that can add style to everyday sport gear that looks good both inside and outside of the gym. 


The benefits of compression gear are numerous. The materials used for compression gear are breathable, flexible and have the benefits of support, circulation, and endurance that many forms of active wear do not. The materials provide a level of comfort that ensures that wearers stay cool and can move without restriction. Keeping dry prevents the general discomfort felt from constrictive clothing that can cause overheating.


While compression gear certainly has a variety of health benefits, modern technology and design make it a fashionable option for those seeking to cash in on the health benefits while looking good. From socks to shirts and leggings, men and women can use compression gear as an everyday option for casual wear. With everything from light breathable sheer yarns to knit pattern textures, compression gear is no longer just for athletes or people suffering from health ailments. Compression wear is a comfortable alternative that provides benefits above and beyond common workout attire.


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