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I purchased a pair of THERAFIRM Mild Support Knee-High stockings (15-20 mmHg) for a varicose problem that's been getting worst as I've gotten older and standing more on my feet. I also purchased a pair for my 23 year old daughter. She's a physical therapy graduate student. She loves them and asked me to purchase another pair for her. This time in moderate support (20-40 mmHg). I highly recommend this stocking for the woman who likes the look and feel of high quality hosiery with support at a moderate price. 


I bought my first pair and love to wear them in place of regular stockings. My legs really feel better at the end of the day when I am wearing these.


I have ordered your products for 30 years. I am a pleased customer who will keep coming back.


These socks are great. Well priced, great quality, last forever. Never a quality problem.I bought 14 pairs to last me through a very long trip to India and they saved me. No swelling on the way over, when there (and I was on my feet in unearthly heat all day), or on the way over. I was convinced the 20 hour flights would cause problems, but not with these socks. I will never buy another brand.


I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts. I have a severe circulation problem in one of my legs. I have tried every pair of therapeutic support pantyhose I could find to make my 12 hour shifts more tolerable. I tried TheraFirm Light Compression Pantyhose and felt instant relief the minute I put them on! They are a little difficult to put on, but once they are; they are so comfortable, you forget you have them on! They stay in place and are very durable. They last way longer than the other brands of compression pantyhose I have bought. They are always a great value, and when they are on sale, they are a steal!! I used to spend my days off complaining about how achy and tired my legs were. Now that I have found these TheraFirm pantyhose, my legs always feel great!


We are very thrilled with corespun stockings , my son had cellulitis and needs to wear support to help him , he is a big guy and its very hard to get stockings to fit his legs , when i read how stretchy corespun is , i took a chance and ordered him just one pair to try , well THEY DO FIT GREAT !! and since then we have ordered plenty more for him , and what a huge help they are , his legs look so much better now !! thanks for yout great products : ) sue s in florida


I just have to rave about the Core spun socks. I have been wearing compression stocking for almost 5 years now. They have been gruesome! The tops bind my calf just below the knee as my leg swells and that causes so much pain that I dread wearing them. I thought by getting a lighter compression that that would solve the problem, I was wrong again. I ordered a pair of Core Spun socks and I am in love. I am ordering 3 more pairs now and I am sure I will be ordering more in the near future! They are fantastic.My feet are comfortable, my leg is not aching from the binding, They feel like a glove on my legs and feet and my feet aren't sliding in my sneakers anymore. Thank God for Core Spun!


I wanted to tell you about my experience with Core-spun compression socks.  It used to feel like you were putting a 100 pound leg in a 20 pound sock with other compression socks.  They were like impossible to get on and to pull them up.  Core-spun are much different, they stretch more, so they are much easier to get on.  I wouldn't trade them EVER!!!!  I'm so glad that someone told me about them, and your web-site offers a $5.00 coupon off if you tell your story!!!  They are the BEST thing that happened to compression socks!!!!  Thanks Jan M.


Really like your core spun socks! Would like to be on coupon saving list, so could try other items!


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