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Top 5 Things to Keep You Traveling Comfortably

For people who travel frequently, plane rides can be uncomfortable and tiring to endure. The limited physical movement available on board can often cause the most seasoned travelers to have stiff necks and legs. These five items can help reduce discomfort while travelling.

1. Gradient Compression Socks

Gradient compression socks stimulate blood flow to the feet while sitting for long stretches of time. Wearing them takes away the need to get up and walk around every few hours in order to prevent pins and needles. They provide increased blood flow from bottom to top, ensuring circulation for restless limbs and will allow you to lounge in your seat for as long as you wish without worrying about discomfort in your ankles and feet.

2. The Right Pillow

Having the right pillow during travel is imperative to being able to sleep. Similarly to selecting an appropriate firm, plush, or side pillow at home, you’ll want to select the right airplane neck pillow during flights. Taking the time to select a pillow with the appropriate texture and firmness will ensure that you will not have a sleepless and tiring flight.

3. Proper Hydration

It may sound obvious, but you should always make sure to travel with a water bottle in hand. Whether it’s a pop-top, straw, or screw-on model, staying hydrated is the key to reducing the possibility of headaches while in route. Increased air pressure on flights can wreak havoc on your head. Drinking plenty of water in the airport and on the plane will keep you feeling great.

4. Customized Backpack

Using a backpack as a carry-on instead of a single strap bag will save your shoulders, neck, and back. It is easy to over pack, but that often means carry-ons are heavy and difficult to manage. By using a backpack to distribute weight across both shoulders, your back will be better aligned. Investing in a custom backpack with the right amount of padding in the straps and a waist belt can go even further to spread the weight and make traveling more friendly.

 5. Sleep Gear

Using sunglasses instead of eye masks on a plane can reduce headaches caused by elastic bands. Melatonin, which is available at most grocery and health food stores, can help induce sleep without having to use harsh chemicals or drugs. Sleep is especially important on long flights. It improves your productivity and offsets the stress that travelling can cause.

Having the right compression wear, pillow, water bottle, backpack, and sleep gear while you’re traveling will greatly improve the quality of your travel. Take care to select each of these items so that they fit your individual needs and your next trip will be a breeze.


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